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When disaster strikes it is important to get your message out as soon as possible. Image is important and nothing reenforces positive image as well as positive photography.


Crisis Response Photography focuses on the following for you:


  • Focuses on the positive efforts of

  • your response.


  • Counters the negative image the media may be creating of your response


  • Continues coverage through the restoration showing how you positively resolved

  • the disaster


  • Shows the return to normal life after the response is done


With over 25 years of experience, Harrison brings a unique insight to response photography. During the 2010 BP Oil spill Harrison documented the event for BP, showing their intensive clean up and restoration efforts. All too often the media was ignoring important work being done by clean-up crews. Harrison's photography provided a valuable tool for BP in showing their efforts to reclaim the beaches of the Gulf Coast. His work was featured in national advertising campaigns and social media. He followed the BP crisis from the early response, to clean-up, to visitors returning to the beaches in 2011, when record setting tourism was reported along the Gulf Coast.


Having been on the scenes of tornadoes, fires, floods and other disasters Harrison has developed the ability to work with people in stressful environments and fully understands safety issues most would find daunting. Crisis Response Photography requires a photographer who understands how to work in unusual situations, and under varying types of stress.


Harrison delivers his photos daily via a custom gallery to which access can be limited to whomever you, the client, chooses. Be that the staff of your marketing department or to just one individual.


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